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CloudObjects ("we") provides this website as well as the blog, associated social media channels, APIs and client applications under the terms outlined in this document.

Terms of Service

CloudObjects is currently a free, experimental service (an "alpha" version). It is provided AS-IS without any guarantees regarding the availability, stability and usability of this service as well as the safety and security of any data you upload to the service. We also reserve the right to modify or terminate the service at any time.

The use of the CloudObjects service for production grade, non-experimental purposes, especially but not limited to mission-critical or commercial applications is highly discouraged and we do not accept any liability for any kind of harm caused by use of the service.

Using CloudObjects for any criminal offense or unlawful purposes or uploading unlawful content is prohibited.

We may decide to offer a production-grade version of CloudObjects in the future. This service will be governed by different terms and conditions. You will be able to decide whether to upgrade to the new service or delete your account and have your data removed.

Privacy Policy

If you browse the CloudObjects website or use the Public API anonymously, we will not collect any personally identifiable information. We may use automatically collected anonymous information such as server logs for research and marketing purposes.

If you sign in to CloudObjects we may collect some personally identifiable information either directly from you or through a third party service that you use for sign in. We may use this information to provide our service as well as for research and marketing purposes. We may also share this information with service providers that we use to host and run CloudObjects.

For any data that you upload to CloudObjects, including but not limited to object configurations, you grant us the license to store and use your content. Content that is marked as private will only be used internally or shared with service providers that we use to host and run CloudObjects. For content that is marked as public, you grant us an unlimited world-wide license to publish and redistribute your information for any legal purpose.

We reserve the right to store and process your data in our primary data center location within the United States of America as well as keep copies for faster access or backup purposes in any world-wide location.

Any third party tools that are used on CloudObjects are subject to their own privacy policies.

If you have any concerns regarding the use of your data or want to delete your account, please contact us.

User Generated Content

The CloudObjects website, APIs and client applications may provide public access to information created by users of CloudObjects ("User Generated Content" or "UGC"), especially object descriptions and documentation published in the CloudObjects Directory.

We do not allow any UGC that contains unlawful content, copyright infringement or hate speech. We are not able to review all UGC prior to publishing, but we will take down any such content after being noticed.

If you find any content on CloudObjects that you feel violates your rights, please contact us.

Mailing Address

Lukas Rosenstock
Klingelgarten 27