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CLI Tool


The CloudObjects CLI tool allows you to read, create and modify objects in your namespaces using their raw descriptions in different RDF serializations. It can be used directly from a console, as part of shell scripts and can also be required by other locally installed applications such as phpMAE.

If you want to work directly with the CloudObjects object directory through the CLI tool you should familiarize yourself with the core documentation first to understand how objects work.

The CLI is written in PHP and requires at least PHP 7.2 to be installed on your system. If you can't or don't want to install a compatible PHP version but you have Docker installed, you can set up the CLI to run in a Docker container instead.

Get Started

You need to sign in to CloudObjects first so we can give you personalized installation instructions.

How To Use

The functionality of the CLI is grouped into different commands. After installation type in the following in your shell to get a list of all supported commands:

cloudobjects list

You can execute any command by typing the following, followed by command-specific parameters:

cloudobjects <command>

If you need instructions or help for a specific command, such as the required and optional parameters, type the following:

cloudobjects help <command>
Source Code

The CloudObjects CLI tool is open source (licensed under Mozilla Public License) and the source is hosted on GitHub.