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Top Stories

a wa:WebAPI in The New York Times

The Top Stories API provides lists of articles and associated images by section.

Base URL

The API endpoint is located at the following URL:


This API supports API keys. The key needs to be sent as a query parameter with the name api-key.

API Methods

These are the methods supported by the API:

  • GET /{section}.{format} Top Stories

    The Top Stories API returns a list of articles and associated images currently on the specified section. Support JSON and JSONP.

    Required parameters:
    section The section the story appears in.
    format if this is JSONP or JSON
    Optional parameters:
    callback The name of the function the API call results will be passed to. Required when using JSONP. This parameter has only one valid value per section. The format is {section_name}TopStoriesCallback.
    Success response:

    An array of articles

    Status Code 200
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2017-05-28 15:47 (UTC)
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