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TimesTags API

a wa:WebAPI in The New York Times

With the TimesTags API, you can mine the riches of the New York Times tag set. The TimesTags service matches your query to the controlled vocabularies that fuel metadata. You supply a string of characters, and the service returns a ranked list of suggested terms.

Base URL

The API endpoint is located at the following URL:


This API supports API keys. The key needs to be sent as a query parameter with the name api-key.

API Methods

These are the methods supported by the API:

  • GET /timestags.json
    Required parameters:
    query Your search query
    Optional parameters:
    filter If you do not specify a value for filter (see the Optional Parameters), your query will be matched to tags in all four Times dictionaries: subject, geographic location, organization and person. To use more than one, separate with commas.
    max Sets the maximum number of results
    Success response:

    An array of tags

    Status Code 200
Created at
2017-05-28 15:47 (UTC)
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